Twitter is the most loved apparatus of each advertiser. It is on the grounds that Twitter has in excess of 320 million dynamic clients on month to month premise. Twitter is being considered as the most amazing advertising apparatus. It very well may be incredible for advancing your business and can help you a great deal to get more traffic on your site. You simply need to know diverse thoughts for Twitter that can drive traffic on your blog.

The Best Ways To Generate More Traffic To Your Business Website Through Twitter

If you are thinking about to promote your business website, then you must know about the different ideas that you can use to get more traffic.

  • Pull compelling posts from your website
  • Use attractive headlines
  • Prefer to use more action words in your tweets
  • Tweet a teaser of your content
  • Promote a free guide through your Twitter account.
  • Use hashtags smartly
  • Mentions strategically
  • Appealing images
  • Start a discussion related to your services
  • Pin your best Tweet about your business website for constant attention
  • Add the website’s URL to your profile


Use Hashtags Smartly:

Hashtags are the best way to spread your single tweets to different topics. Hashtags are being used in tweets from years and the use of hashtags is providing a great opportunity to connect with people other than your followers on Twitter. But while adding hashtags in your tweets act smart and select the hashtags which are relevant to the type of post about which you are going to tweet. Use of theme specific hashtags is highly preferable.

Use Mentions Strategically:

A mention is a way to include the username of any Twitter user in your tweet. You can send a tweet directly to other users, followers or customers. You can use these mentions in different ways. Mention people who are making good comments on your tweets. You can mention the famous people in your tweets to get the attention of the people who are their followers. Although it can bring you the best exposure but will be considered as a nice gesture too.

Use Appealing Images:

The more interesting, appealing and enticing your tweets will be the more people will interact with them. And the chances of driving traffic on your business site will become higher. Try to attach visual content with your tweet which is related to your business site to attract more people.

Start A Discussion Related To Your Services:

If you are going to tweet any discussion or a question related to your business for more engagement. If your tweeted question or discussion is generating more connection and curiosity among your followers then you are surely going to get more clicks on your given URL.

Pin  Best Tweet About Your Business Website For Constant Attention:

It is always the best option to pin a tweet in which you have made any important announcement or describe something for your followers related to your business. It is because pinning an important tweet will keep that on the top of your timeline. And it will be the very first thing that will be shown to the people going to visit your profile. So it easily can get constant attention.

Add The Website’s URL To Your Profile:

Your profile is something which is going to be explored by your new followers surely. So it is always the best option to optimize your profile perfectly and do not forget to place the URL of your website to your profile. This given link in your bio can be helpful in generating more traffic to your business website.

Promoting your business website from Twitter can be beneficial for generating more traffic on your site. You just have the best content ideas to tweet for attracting the Twitter users.


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