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Easy Steps for Making a GIF from a Youtube Video

GIFS are small scenes from famous TV shows and movies that can be converted into short video clippings that can show how you feel. They are an excellent way to express your emotions. Gifs is an essential way of communication on the social network. If you’re feeling unhappy then there is a Gif for that. For e.g, if you have a wonderful day at your workplace, Gif can easily represent your emotion of happiness. Twitter and Facebook followers are using Gifs efficiently for many years, even Facebook has made it a formal part of their network.

Gifs are small videos which are used to express emotions and they and they seldom last over 5 secs. Their file sizes are also very small, so the web page download quickly. Usually, the Gifs convey feelings in a big, perceptible way. Sharing a short scene from a particular movie or a TV show brings up feeling and add strength to your point. If you want to develop an immediate connection with your followers, then you should post a Gif.

However, Gifs are a way of sharing content from sites like YouTube. Previously you need to install Photoshop to make a Gif but this is not an essential requirement nowadays. Now, you can make a Gif from a YouTube video by using some online tools.

  • Pick your favourite video:

First find your favourite youtube video which you want to convert into a GIF, copy it’s URL and go to and paste the URL on the white box which you can see on the left side of the page, it will find the video by itself, or if It doesn’t, then click the “create” button. Your videos can also be uploaded on this site by clicking “upload’ button.

  • Setting the size and time of the Gif:

If your image shows any advertisement then it needs to be cut down by clicking on “x” so that it doesn’t seem in your Gif. Then click at the timeline at the bottom of your image and choose the start and end time for your animated Gif. A blue bar shows the time duration that going to be used. It’s your choice to make your Gif longer or shorter, but you should keep in mind that if the animation is long then the file size will also exceed and the places where there are limitations on the size, then this would create a problem. You can add special effects and titles if you want to. You can also trim the size of your animation, there is a preview window which can give you the real idea of how your Gif will look like. You can fine-tune the mirth of the Gif to the ideal point by the numerical selector. When you are fully confident then you can click on “create Gif”, which is at the top right side. If the Gif is long then it can take some time to make an image, so you should be easy-going.

  • Confirming and sharing your Gif:

After this, the next page will open which asks you to confirm the Gif’s title and if you want to add some tags in it. After confirming, the last page opens which gives you some options like inserting, downloading and sharing your recently created Gif. You can also see how your image looks like by clicking preview. Then you will get many sharing options like Facebook, twitter etc. and you can share your Gif anywhere

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